THANK YOU so much for providing an amazing day of self-discovery for the future leaders of our Agency. It makes a tremendous impact on their experience and the experience of the teams they lead and work with – including our clients.

We are so grateful to have you as a partner and appreciate all you do!
— Rick Cornwell, Director HR, Training & Development, The Integer Group

“Jackie is a mental and emotional sherpa. She has been a critical member of our team. I credit her for our sanity and our success.

— Gem Swartz, Partner, Catalyst Marketing Agency

“Jackie’s insights have changed the way we parent our children, communicate in our marriage and how I manage my businesses. This is like having CliffNotes for understanding people.”
— YPO Forum

“Jackie has an amazing ability to connect–on all levels.  Whether individually, on camera, or in front of audiences (large and small), Jackie’s warmth and passion shine through her words and message.  She is an incredible advocate for people, and she equips and empowers each of us to be the best version of who we were created to be and to experience the fullness of relationships with others.  The Platinum Rule has trumped the Golden Rule…rather than treating others the way I want to be treated, I strive to treat others the way they want to be treated.  Learning from Jackie has enabled me to be a better wife, mom, friend, family member, and professional.  I only wish that I could have started learning from her earlier in life!”
— Cindy Chang Mahlberg, Co-Founder, Women in the Mix; Chief Exploration Officer, The Law Venture

“Hands down this was the single best investment we have made to date, including market investments!  Having a better insight to our family’s innate nature ~ our unconscious motivators, trigger points, and best methods to receive input and guidance ~ makes effective family life easier.   A very progressive tool we will definitely recommend to friends.”
— Brad and Anne Anderson, Walton Family Foundation

“Jackie Insinger has changed the way our family communicates and greatly improved our overall dynamic due to this deeper understanding of what motivates and triggers each of us.  Because of her program we better understand our children, each other and all of our unconscious motivators.  We share our children’s PRINT information with everyone in their lives.  It has made a big difference in school, in their social lives and in all of their activities.”
— Natalie Tysdal, Producer, Journalist and Emmy Award Winning News Anchor

“I have never seen anything so profoundly impact my executive team in a positive way as our work with Insinger Insights and Jackie Insinger. She has an amazing ability to really connect to people in a way that allows them to open up and feel safe, thus tearing down barriers of communication to create an environment of understanding and support. For a high powered, high performance team full of strong personalities, this has been the glue that has brought us together to operate as our best collective self!”
— Ben Kaplan, President, Imagine Nation

“Almost everything in life comes with a user’s manual. Everything except your kids and your spouse! They arrive with no instructions and no guidance. There is a ton of trial and error to figure out what helps, motivates and inspires your children, and what are the best ways to understand and support each other in a marriage. Working with Jackie took the “error” out of the equation and by going through the Insinger Insights process and coaching, Jackie was able to give us that “users guide” on each other. I feel empowered now to truly maximize each of our potential and the potential of our family!”
— Michele Crowley,  VP of The Integer Group

“I am deeply grateful for Jackie’s help in understanding the dynamics of THE most important relationship in my life, my family. We all want to be understood and to understand is just as important in order to promote effective communication and resolve conflicts. Jackie uses her unique insights & concrete methodology to help people be their best self and recognize the triggers that can lead to conflict and misunderstanding.  My daughter, who is reluctant to trust anything or anyone, opened up to Jackie immediately and has been helped to understand her parents and own feelings better. As her mother, I have gained valuable information on how to relate to her.”
— Madelaine Osborne, Owner at Healing Horizons

“Over the course of the last 10+ years, I’ve taken dozens of ‘personality’ tests at work, on my own, and with my spouse, and hands down, PRINT® is the most insightful and actionable assessment I’ve ever received. Instead of focusing on the what, PRINT® peels back the layers to understand the why — the internal motivators that drive us to think and behave in a particular way. This is the difference maker, and is the #1 reason I’ve talked about PRINT® at nearly every dinner party and work meeting over the last 9 months. This assessment, paired with Jackie’s unparalleled coaching, have transformed my outlook on myself and those I work with and love. If I had it my way, and I hope to, I would carry a PRINT® read in my back pocket for every key person in my life.”
— Catherine Burge, Lead Account Director, Global Gillette

“In our fast-moving family dynamic, we’re often plagued by the pressure of immediacy—where are we going, what are we doing, why are you acting this way?!  Working with Jackie was our opportunity to take an intentional step back from the moment and to really look at the motivations, needs and basic wiring we have as individuals and how those impact our family group. The insights we gained from her assessments have enriched our family with short and long term dividends.”
— Will Garin, President, Banner Media

“This workshop has profoundly changed my staff’s perception of one another as well as how they communicate with each another! There is a higher sense of empathy and understanding that has resulted from this experience. It’s a true gift that every school and/or company should invest in.”
— Temple Emanuel

“Jackie has been instrumental in helping us grow and scale our business. With her guidance, we are successful at hiring people that fit our business need and unique culture as well as fostering a productive and enjoyable team dynamic. Jackie is truly gifted at empowering us to be our best selves.”
– Gem Swartz, Partner, Catalyst Marketing Group

“Jackie’s insights have changed the way we parent our children, communicate in our marriage and how I manage my businesses. This is like having CliffNotes for understanding people.”
— Tyler Tysdal on behalf of YPO Forum

“Focused, practical, actionable insights. The most I have ever learned about myself from any outside advisor, assessment, or tool.”
-Harris Morris, Chairman and CEO at Wazee Digital

“Jackie works with our Executive Team to help us better understand each other, work together, and most importantly, help each other succeed. She does this through many group and one-on- one sessions, that are both intense, and delightful, because Jackie knows when to push, and when to lighten the moment. She listens to our ideas, concerns, and challenges thoughtfully, and helps us come up with insightful and creative ideas for addressing those. We continually have amazing a-hah moments and breakthroughs as a team! Jackie is very easy to work with, wonderful to talk to, and truly a natural coach!”
– Randi Albright, VP Strategy, Programs and Culture, Collective Goods

“Having been a healthcare provider myself for 17 years now, I can recognize a professional who is exceptionally good at what they do and are actually invested in helping people and you are one of those rare people, Jackie! You are extremely patient, perceptive and wise. You excel at what you do and make a huge difference in people’s lives.”
– Swarupa Reddy, Medical Director and Internist

“Over the past three years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jackie in both a professional and personal capacity. Getting PRINTed and Jackie’s ongoing coaching has been like a lightbulb going off both in how I communicate with others and understand my own situational reactions. I use Jackie’s strategies to help those I manage be more fulfilled in their careers, and have watched our team productivity skyrocket. Jackie is an invaluable resource to help anyone who wants to have more successful interactions with those around them.”
– Anne Macomber, Creative Director, Kellogg

“I have had the privilege of working with families for 25 years, in just about every imaginable capacity.  As a Family Relations and Child Behavior Specialist, I have struggled with what I can send families “home” with; what tools can I give them that will enhance their family life, not only today, but for the long term. I have read countless books and articles, been to hundreds of hours of trainings, and heard expert after expert, but never found the one thing I could stand behind and offer to parents that I wholeheartedly believed in!  And then I met Jackie Insinger, as she spoke about her incredible Insinger Insights product, I felt like I had found the “Holy Grail” for families. Jackie has developed a program that offers critical insights, strategies, and long range solutions for each and every member of the family, not just one child. Her knowledge, research, personality, relatability and passion for what she does all come together to provide parents with what they need for a child’s true success. Truly one of the greatest gifts you will ever give yourself and your family.”
— C. Boren, Executive Director of “My School Preschool”

“This is a truly transformative program. Jackie Insinger’s family program and coaching has been tremendously helpful. Based on our work with Jackie we are learning effective communication and most importantly understanding. Her evaluation and strategies assisted us with the understanding/insight that traditional counseling takes months, or possibly years, to achieve. The evaluation process reaches past grudges, egos and took us to a deeper understanding of how & why we individually process and react to information. I feel fortunate to have found Insinger Insights. I hope more families have the opportunity to reach a deeper understanding of how & why we each learn, listen, to communicate more efficiently.”
— K. Ramsdale, Parent

“Jackie is professional and empathic which allows all ages to open up to her.  She provided a life changing understanding of our family. Highly recommended!!!”
— Eileen McCoy, Co-founder, Mother of Boys, LLC

“I can honestly say what I learned from Jackie Insinger and her PRINT workshop will stick with me for life.   Deep insight paired with tangible, actionable resources on how to recognize things about yourself so you can more effectively communicate with others.”
— Erica Moore, Group Account Director, The Integer Group

“Malcolm, our three boys and I experienced Jackie Insinger’s family program last spring – and Malcolm and I would both tell you it was the BEST investment in us, and in our family relationships.  I always say I would make a kick-ass mother of myself, simply because I know what motivates me.  But now I know what motivates my three sons – and my husband!  Insinger Insights’s family program is like a roadmap for our family to effective communication and confident relationships.”
— Nicole Seawell, Founder of The Efficiency Expert 4 Life and Co-founder of Women In The Mix

“We have three young children that all have distinct learning styles and motivations. Jackie patiently walked us through her process, educating us along the way to ensure we could fully utilize all the insights gained today but also apply them for the future. We are tremendously grateful to Jackie for empowering us to be better parents through a much greater understanding of our children and ourselves. We highly recommend this service for any parent who wants to help their children succeed.
— Maury Ankrum, Owner of Celebrated Gatherings and Author of “The Occasional Affair — A Practical Plan for Life’s Everyday Parties”

“Working with Jackie has been amazing. She has a way of reaching people that is uplifting and makes you feel at ease. She has an incredible understanding of interpersonal communication between parents, children and teachers and has discovered the magical missing link to connect us all. She worked with my 6 year old daughter, Ella, and I was so impressed at the invaluable insights she uncovered to help figure out not only what motivates and triggers her, but how to best help her grow and learn. Everyone I’ve spoken with who has taken the assessments can not believe how “spot on” the results are!  She is not only extremely well educated, but she is brilliant at connecting with people of all ages. My family has been in education for years and they are all so impressed with her insight and forward thinking when it comes to the future of our children and the teaching profession. She truly has discovered how we can best help our children grow and learn. I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to grasp this knowledge. It touches every aspect of life, and, after all aren’t our relationships what matter most? Jackie is a gift and I feel blessed to have found her.
— L. Firman, Parent

“I truly appreciate who Jackie Insinger is and what she does to educate others on the development and inner workings of their family members. Her passion to help people better connect and her ability to do so is remarkable. As a mother and previous educator, I know how important it is to be in sync with our kids and students. Jackie provides that service and my hope is that what she does becomes mandatory. The more we invest in understanding each other the better we love, propel and enlighten. Thank you, Jackie.
— Shannon Isaacs, Educator

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