The Insinger Programs



Our Programs are exclusively designed for leaders who are ready to go from ordinary to extraordinary and maximize their potential

Leadership Team Optimization

It starts with you. Commit to becoming an extraordinary “First Team” – create a positive influence that cascades throughout your organization.  

Create a Team Playbook

Create a Team Playbook for how to effectively lead and interact with each other

Lead Change Confidently

Align on how to manage change positively and proactively for your organization

Instill Trust & Connection

Enhance collaboration, increase trust, and build authentic connections for greater success

Team Dynamics Accelerator

Multiply your team’s positive energy and results by learning quick and actionable ways to become a highly collaborative and strengths-focused team.

Leverage Cognitive Diversity

Leverage cognitive diversity by honoring team member’s unique lenses and strengths.

Create Psychological Safety

Encourage courage by building a foundation of trust, psychological safety, and transparency.

Realize Collective Potential

Build a collaborative and aligned team with effective communication and collective wins.

Elite Executive Coaching

Ready to shift from great to extraordinary? Let’s discover your version of success and design a customized, actionable path to get you there.

Spark Team Brilliance

Learn to spark brilliance in each of your team members by following the Platinum Leader™ path.

Design Your Success

Design your unique success plan based on both stakeholder input and your personal goals.

Commit to Grow

Stretch your comfort zone, channel your courage, and have an accountability partner to keep you on track.

YPO Retreats & Events

If you are looking for a unique and transformational retreat for your YPO Forum or Chapter, we will create something extraordinary for you.

Customized Retreats

Experience a memorable retreat focused on greater connection, meaningful growth, and deep exploration for your Forum

Chapter Events

Bring in Jackie Insinger as a resource to facilitate an engaging, actionable, and interactive event for your Chapter


Our Programs are exclusively designed for leaders who are ready to be extraordinary and enjoy success along the way

Enjoy Success For Women

Designed to accelerate the growth of women leaders in business

What is Enjoy Success?

We have created a suite of transformational programs to enhance effectiveness, accelerate growth, and increase retention of women leaders. 

What We Know

Bottom line, there are not enough women in leadership. All of the research shows that having women in leadership increases the success and profitability of a company.

Why It Works

Each program is backed by global research and tested with our clients in start-up to Fortune 100 companies. 

Enjoy Success for Teams

Dive deeper with your team to instill greater connection, understanding, and gain the tools to thrive as a collective whole.

Own Your Values

Identify each team members’ set of top grounding values, why they are important to them, and how to leverage them to increase success and fulfillment.

Master Your Mindset

Learn tools to differentiate the facts of the situation from all unhelpful interpretations and build confidence for leadership.

Identify Your Superpowers

Identify your own superpowers and understand the inherent strengths of those on the team to help your team excel.