My programs combine validated assessments and a positive hands-on approach to accurately identify the “WHY” behind each individual’s behavior.

Individual Personal & Performance Coaching

You, even better.

This personalized program will illuminate the “why” behind your behavior and give you a deeper understanding of what motivates you, what lights you up and what triggers you.

Combining the PRINT® Survey with my positive coaching approach, we will eliminate the guesswork and help you OWN who you are at your core through this new found self-clarity. In addition to self-awareness, you will gain a personalized action plan to be your best self. We can do this in one powerful results session, or add additional strategy sessions to make sure the information is integrated into your daily life to ensure long-term positive change.

Organization & Corporate Programs

A Personalized GPS

Help your employees and management team become their best selves while learning to create and sustain more effective relationships.

This will be an incredibly impactful, engaging and transformative workshop for your team, group or organization. Using the PRINT® platform and my positive coaching method, the team dynamic is elevated to a whole new level. Respect, accountability, productivity and personal fulfillment increase once motivators and triggers are understood, and support and communication strategies are provided and practiced. It has been proven that a Best Self team equals a happier, more productive and more successful organization. Whether a 3-hour workshop, a speaking engagement or a weekend retreat, your team will leave better than when they came!

For more information on corporate workshops, please visit the Paul Hertz Group.

Speaking & Workshops

Live in Platinum!

Customized workshops and speaking engagements to inspire, empower and teach your group to live in best self.

Family Programs

The Owner’s Manual for YOUR Family.

Ever wish your family dynamics could be a little easier? Do you ever feel like everyone’s talking but no one is really hearing each other? Wish no more!

This program has been coined the “CliffsNotes,” “User’s Guide” and “Owner’s Manual” for your family. In this program, every family member takes their age-designated PRINT® survey to uncover the “WHY” behind their behavior (what motivates them, what lights them up, what triggers them and what shuts them down). I then integrate all of the results for your unique family dynamic and provide you with concrete strategies and practical tools for targeted and effective communication, support, motivation and fulfillment. What are you waiting for? Eliminate the guesswork and make life easier.

Couples Programs

The A-Ha Moment!

Not “being on the same page” is completely natural in a relationship but a bit disheartening for most couples.

Even as adults we continue to change and evolve and not always at the same pace or in the same way as our partner. This relationship-focused program will give you the knowledge and the tools to propel your relationship to a whole new level of understanding. Integrating your PRINT® results with positive coaching strategies, I will help you build a bridge between where you both are in order to stay connected. As a result, you can support each other’s growth knowing that you will continue to recommit, reconnect and re-marry whomever you both continue to become.

Coaching Packages

Power of the Practice

We build upon the power gained from your initial program for increased results and long-lasting success!

The true and lasting power of the programs comes from the practice. Integrating the “why” into the practical “how” is invaluable, and I have found that adding ongoing coaching to a program helps to ensure that the results are truly internalized and the strategies are implemented and tweaked as issues arise and stressors change. That way, there’s a new pattern created for how to deal with situations based on a now ingrained self-(and other)-awareness. Experience has shown that the results are truly maximized when the coaching aspect is used as consistent follow up so the true mindset shift can happen!

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“Hands down this was the single best investment we have made to date, including market investments!

— Brad and Anne Anderson

Learn to Live in Platinum at Your Next Conference!

“Jackie Insinger has an engaging, authentic style – a quick rapport with the audience and has everyone interacting, thinking and laughing right from the start. She offers fresh ideas that entertain, inspire, and energize and leaves the audience armed with “works in real life” strategies they can use immediately . She’s a gem.”

Mary LoVerde | Hall of Fame Professional Speaker

Author of “The Invitation: When You Are Ready to Take Your Next Step”

  • This workshop has profoundly changed my staff's perception of one another as well as how they communicate with each another! There is a higher sense of empathy and understanding that has resulted from this experience. It's a true gift that every school and/or company should invest in.

    Temple Emanuel
  • I have never seen anything so profoundly impact my executive team in a positive way as our work with Insinger Insights and Jackie Insinger. She has an amazing ability to really connect to people in a way that allows them to open up and feel safe, thus tearing down barriers of communication to create an environment of understanding and support. For a high powered, high performance team full of strong personalities, this has been the glue that has brought us together to operate as our best collective self!

    Ben KaplanPresident, Imagine Nation
  • Jackie Insinger has changed the way our family communicates and greatly improved our overall dynamic due to this deeper understanding of what motivates and triggers each of us. Because of her program we better understand our children, each other and all of our unconscious motivators. We share our children’s PRINT® information with everyone in their lives. It has made a big difference in school, in their social lives and in all of their activities.

    Natalie TysdalProducer, Journalist and Emmy Award Winning News Anchor

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