What is PRINT®?

Everyone has two Unconscious Motivators®, a Major and a Minor. These two Unconscious Motivators® make up their PRINT® — their motivational identity.

History of PRINT®

My father, Dr. Paul Hertz, is the founder and architect of the revolutionary PRINT® system – the only validated motivational system with a laser focus on performance.

Dr. Hertz earned his MBA and Ph.D. in Statistics from New York University’s Stern Graduate School of Business, and founded the Paul Hertz Group in 1981. The purpose of this Company was to bring his own quality improvement philosophy (combined with that of his mentor, Dr. W. Edwards Deming) to a wider audience, while incorporating components of interpersonal relationships and underlying motivational traits to an analytical and statistically driven science.

In spearheading programs for Leadership Excellence, Team Building, Talent Enhancement and Process Improvement/Innovation, Dr. Hertz drew important and indisputable connections between individuals’ performance and underlying motivators. With over 30 years of research dedicated to Human Potential IP, Dr. Hertz and his team at the Paul Hertz Group developed the PRINT® system, which today is used by hundreds of organizations to dramatically improve factors vital to success and sustainability. Designing a complex algorithm and testing his formula through large university validity and reliability studies led to the outcome of the PRINT® Survey, a sophisticated, dynamic and easy-to-use online survey proven to accurately uncover each individual’s Unconscious Motivators®. The Paul Hertz Group provides PRINT® Workshops for corporations, offering multiple transformational modules, to create profound impacts on an organization.

This revolutionary and proven platform was perfectly aligned with my passion and dedication to helping people Live in Platinum. There was an incredible opportunity to integrate the PRINT® model into my work to create both an immediate and long term benefit that was not only unique, but quickly transformative. In order for me to bring this powerful tool to families, together we created an additional survey specifically designed for children, PRINT for Kids®. To learn more about the family program and the exclusive four step process, please visit www.InsingerInsightsKids.com

“I can honestly say what I learned from Jackie Insinger and her PRINT® workshop will stick with me for life. Deep insight paired with tangible, actionable resources on how to recognize things about yourself so you can more effectively communicate with others.”

— Erica Moore, Group Account Director, The Integer Group

“Jackie and I collaborated on the redesign of the PRINT® assessment for kids to ensure that it keeps the integrity of the original survey. PRINT for KIDS is exclusive to Insinger Insights, and I am excited to witness the positive impact it has on families and educators.”

— Dr. Paul Hertz

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