Living in Platinum

It’s a big idea, yet very simple and effective to implement for a HUGE return-on-investment in all of your relationships.

It's a Mindset Shift


“Treat others how you wish to be treated.”


“Treat others how THEY wish to be treated.”

The GOLDEN RULE applied to relationships

On the surface it sounds great, and it works well in larger societies mainly because it reminds us of what NOT to do. However, in “real” interpersonal relationships, it can be a bit dicey and a sometimes a bit ridiculous.

If I applied The Golden Rule to my relationships…

I would get my husband a facial, the new Miss Dior perfume and maybe some new gold bangle bracelets for his birthday.

My husband would get his top performing employee a really cool autographed baseball for the holidays instead of the cash bonus or Visa gift card she really wanted.

And I would give my 6 and 9 year old boys some quiet time and a cup of chamomile tea as a thoughtful acknowledgement of their efforts, instead of the Nerf Battle they’ve been hoping for.

This is why we need to upgrade to PLATINUM!

So what does Living in Platinum mean?

The Platinum Rule teaches us to “treat others how THEY wish to be treated,” and that starts with the recognition that everyone sees the world in a slightly different, or sometimes extremely different, way than we do. We all have our own unique lens on life, and our lens is how we see the world in our own way.

Just that basic understanding will shift the way you interact with the most important people in your life.

To LIVE IN PLATINUM you commit to:

Tuning into, honoring and leveraging each person’s unique contributions — including your own!

The Insinger Insights Approach

Combining positive psychology, the validated PRINT® assessment and a personalized coaching approach, I can accurately identify each person’s lens — the “WHY” behind their behavior: what motivates them, what triggers them, what lights them up and what shuts them down.

— Learn more about PRINT® —

I can help you achieve a clear understanding of how to navigate the most important relationships in your life from your marriage, your children, your work and your SELF.

And this powerful information is accompanied by clear and concrete strategies and tools to give you the “how to” guide that allows true positive change to happen.

Ready to Live in Platinum? There’s no better time than now!