Back to School SANITY – Top 5 Tips for Smoother Mornings



     1. Make Meals Easy

Make lunches the night before (when food is already out for dinner prep) for one easy cleanup. Easy breakfast choices are key – easy to make, easy to clean and come up with options that the kids can prepare themselves.

     2. Build in “Me Time”

We all know that jarring feeling when the alarm goes off and we rush into chaos and control mode! Build in a few minutes before the kids are up to set your day. For me, it’s time to have a “first cup” of coffee. For some, it’s skimming the news, checking email, or simply taking a shower to wake up!

     3. Backpacks Ready

The morning scramble of shoving papers and snacks into backpacks and finding the unpacked day-old lunch is no fun. Get backpacks ready the night before. Take out papers from the day, put in completed work and pack snacks. Have it ready to go!

     4. Turn Time into a Game

Use Timers! Seriously, they work and they take our awful nagging out of the equation. Let your child set the timer for an agreed upon time. Ex: 10 min to brush teeth, get dressed and make bed before timer goes off!

    5. Clothes Out

Have your kids set out their clothes the night before. Make them EASY to choose – designated drawers for school tops/bottoms – so kids can easily pick.